Why Your Kid Needs Martial Arts


You build a foundation of a building from cornerstones.

Martial Arts is the cornerstone I built my life from.

You cannot build a building without a foundation and you can’t have a foundation without a cornerstone.

Martial Arts taught me a worldview and a set of habits, that have served as my foundation for the last 15 years.

I haven’t practiced TKD in 10 years but I remember all the lessons clear as day.

I was 12 when I started and I know that without Martial Arts I would’ve been totally lost and hopeless. I was missing something.

Kids need skills to master, whether its working on cars or boxing kids need a discipline.

Here’s what I got from Tae Kwon Do

Physical Toughness and Pain Tolerance

The year was 2002, we used arm and shin-guards and contact was moderate.

It wasn’t unusual to get the wind knocked out of you, catch a groin shot or get kicked in the jaw.

Lots of self-control kept the students safe but their were a few injuries. One time I broke a toe from sparring.

Another time I  kicked a punching bag wrong and I fell hard and separated my knee, nearly tore my ACL. Worst pain of my life.

Sometimes we would have falling and rolling classes and you felt like mince-meat the next day

Most school today aren’t as rough and students today wear better pads and even chest guards. But the physicality of Martial Arts doesn’t go away.

The end result is my pain tolerance is way higher than the average person and I’m not going to keel over from a punch.

This is a kind of physical toughness you can’t put a price on. You’ve been tried, you’ve had your face kicked-in and this gives you a “Don’t fuck with me” vibe that people will pick up on.

Kids need to experience this, society is so protective and afraid of hurting kids, its creating a generation  weak feminine faggots posing as men.

Tell your boys and girls that pain is a great teacher and should not be avoided. Pain will come either way



My classes would last for 2 hours. At the end your lungs are on fire, your limbs are jello and your mind is full of joy.

Wait. What?

Thats right, I said JOY.

I always seemed to be out of gas half-way through the class but I dug deeper and endured.

As a black-belt I had to memorize hundreds of different techniques, patterns and movements. I also was responsible for teaching this to the junior students.

After you’ve done all these movements, techniques, warm-ups, grappling, and forms; you still had to spar for 3 one minute rounds.

Now you are problem solving in real-time while totally exhausted. There’s no time for hesitation or much thought.

Martial Arts teaches you an endurance mindset and forces delayed gratification.

It teaches you the benefit of doing the work consistently, no matter what.

You understand that all you need to do to endure is take another step.

Step by step and suddenly you arrive at your destination because you didn’t care about how long it took. All you cared about was taking a step.

You felt pain and you endured.

You felt exhaustion and you endured.

You felt disappointment and you endured.

Your kids need to know that quitting is very easy but there is no reward for quitting.



Something amazing happens when you have mastered your body and conquered your inner self. You feel a connection with universe and you can see your place in it.

It is said that men were put on Earth to learn important lessons about the Universe. You learn these lessons first by mastering your mind and body.

The physical movements and discipline of Martial Arts tempers mind and body and makes you receptive to your spiritual nature.

Then and only then will you see all the beauty that the Universe has to offer.

Children already have this connection and society gradually robs it from them. The Martial Arts can keep that flame lit.


Everyone should try out Martial Arts and practice them. Even if its Yoga.

I know how expensive lessons at Dojo’s can be but a good school is worth every penny.

Look for traditional martial arts schools, these are usually the best ones and have the best teachers.

Forget about schools that focus on competition, the emphasis should be on core values and discipline.

Signing your kid up for Martial Arts is one of the best things you can do for him.

I know from experience.


Marcus Harris

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