Ice Cream Whey is the Best Protein You Will Ever Buy


Do You Like Ice Cream?

Yeah I agree, ice cream is AMAZING!

What if your protein could taste like ice cream and still be super healthy AND help you build muscle?

 Ice Cream Whey is all of that:  the healthiest and best tasting protein on the market and there’s nothing else like it. It will help you build muscle faster than any other protein powder!


Simple, if you hate the way a protein powder tastes you won’t use it, plain and simple. Protein in grocery stores, for example, are full of awful useless chemicals that make their protein taste like mud.

Our protein tastes like ice cream, so why eat MUD when you can eat ICE CREAM?!

Generally, the closer something is to its natural state, the healthier, tastier and better its going to be for you. Ever get steak from the butcher and notice its better than the packaged stuff in supermarkets? Our protein is the same way, it’s 100% organic, GMO free and tastes like and tastes like a super healthy Ice Cream!


Red strawberry ice cream whey protein

Lets look at the competition…

competitor whey protein

Do you see the difference in ingredients?

A lot of supplement companies shamefully hide the true contents of their whey protein (amino spiking), which is silly. If you have the best whey protein on the market, like we do, there’s nothing to hide.

Here’s exactly what’s in our product, 3rd party verified:

whey protein analysisTestimonials

From Red Pill Reviews: “I was shocked the first time I tasted it. I blended it with filtered water and ice cubes so I could get a sense for the true taste without any additives.

I was expecting that super-sweet taste that many protein powders and BCAAs have.

I’ve used real vanilla beans in cooking and mixing drinks for years now and I can taste the difference between the real stuff and artificial vanilla flavoring. I couldn’t believe it when I tasted the real vanilla flavor cleverly blended with a little sweetness from the stevia.

This is the new gold standard for taste.”

Speaking personally, Elite Whey is the cleanest and best tasting protein on the market that I’ve tried.

“Is there any science behind protein supplementation? Does it work?”

Yes, you don’t have to spend hours researching on PubMed because I did it for you.

Here are a few of many studies:

Timing and distribution of protein ingestion during prolonged recovery from resistance exercise alters myofibrillar protein synthesis
“In the meantime, this study emphasizes that the timing of protein intake is a separate variable and a crucial factor in the development of optimal nutritional strategies to maintain and/or enhance peak muscle mass in humans.”

• Dietary protein supplementation in the elderly for limiting muscle mass loss. (“optimal protein consumption may represent an important parameter to preserve independence and contribute to health status.”)

• Effects of divergent resistance exercise contraction mode and dietary supplementation type on anabolic signaling, muscle protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. (“Furthermore, with prolonged high-volume resistance training, contraction mode seems less influential on the magnitude of muscle hypertrophy, whereas protein and carbohydrate supplementation augments muscle hypertrophy as compared to isocaloric carbohydrate supplementation .”)

• The effects of 8 weeks of whey or rice protein supplementation on body composition and exercise performance. (“Following a twelve week RT program, the milk protein group experienced greater increases in type II muscle fiber area. This study suggests that a moderate dose of milk protein increases lean mass to a greater extent than soy or a maltodextrin control when given following exercise. ”)

Those are but a few of countless studies on the incredible benefits of whey protein!

“Why not just eat meat?”

Yeah, that’s a great idea!

BUT it takes a while to break meat down…like 24 to 72 hours for red meat, chicken, or fish. Ice Cream Whey can be digested in 20-40 minutes.

Yes, you should still eat meat but use Ice Cream Whey to help you prevent muscle soreness and recover faster.

“How much is it?”

For $37.99 you will receive a 1.5 pound bag of Cold-Processed Whey Protein made from grass-fed cows. Made in America with natural ingredients. 18 servings per bag at 24g of Protein a serving. Same price as a couple good cuts of steak only a much much better deal!

You can save money and get 3 bags (Vanila, Strawberry, and Chocolate) for $99.99. Thats the same price as 4 Ribeye Steaks but you are getting way more for your money.

Click to receive the most delicious protein on Earth!



At Red Supplements our motto is:

“Legal Supplements that actually work”.

We aren’t here to pitch you the BS that most supplement companies try to get away with. Either they will make claims that don’t stand up or hide ingredients in their products. At Red Supplements our integrity does not allow this.

Everything you saw on the label of Elite Whey is what’s in Elite Whey and we proved it to you.

Buy our protein because we are willing to bet that coupled with a good diet and exercise program, it WILL help you build mass amounts of muscle!

“Its kind of pricey man…”

High quality, cold-processed organic whey protein is going to cost more than protein from Wal-Mart or GNC.

But think of it this way: Grass fed or regular Steak would cost you around 27-40 bucks for a single serving of 78g of protein that takes forever to break down.

The Neapolitan bundle at $99.99 is 54 servings, would cost you about $1.85 per serving, and takes minutes to break down.

Other than our Ice Cream Whey, what protein bar (or any other food) you know of costs $1.85 per serving, has 24g of protein and grass-fed organic? Zero, nada, none.

$37.99 is all you need to get 100% killer and no filler. For $37.99 you get what you paid for without the false claims and nonsense we’ve all come to dislike. For $99.99 you buy three times the amount and save $15.00.

Click on the image below, make your payment, and the best whey protein on Planet Earth will be yours!



Marcus Harris

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