How to Use Pain for Fuel in Any Pursuit


As I write this, I have pain in my stomach, possibly gastritis or an ulcer. I’ve been in pain for a while and unable to write or function normally for the last week. All the while I haven’t once thought “woe is me!”.

I could only think…



I’ve only ever thought of the work I could be putting into my self and business. I wanted to MOVE.

When you are incapacitated and unable to work you are always thinking of the things you would do if you weren’t incapacitated. You want to MOVE.

I seize every chance I can get to write something when I’m not in as much pain.

When pain lets its guard down I sneak in for the attack.


Everyday people  will use any excuse to not do the work and definitely would not work through misery. They don’t have the character and they don’t have a life vision.

The Price is Paid in Pain

Pain in the mind, body, and soul is necessary for growth.

You build your body through the pains of sculpting it

Your desires are manifest through the pain of want.

Pain is why I’m leaving my job, pain of being out of shape is why I work out.

Pain of living unfulfilled in Black and White is why business is on my mind 24/7. Because the alternative would be very painful.

Fear of pain is the most powerful driver and motivator for any living thing. It protects us by sending signals to brain saying “don’t do that again”

We can do one of two things:

1. Ignore the pain and pretend its not there

Delusional, people who ignore the pain in their lives, live lives of quiet desperation. Deeply dissatisfied and empty. Normal people, Drug addicts, hedonists, and criminals fall in this category.

2. Embrace the Pain

You know you have pain and you use it as fuel overcome your situation.

A fighter who gets hit dares his opponent to do it again

A weightlifter chases the pain that comes with pump because he knows what will come from it.

Entrepreneurs, will suffer any amount pain to reach their goal of being self-made and self-paid.


Everyone experiences pain but very few will think to turn pain into opportunity. Military men say “Embrace the suck”.

I say “Embrace the pain because its your friend”

But hey, its up to you.

Cry in the corner or be a real man.

The choice is always yours.


Marcus Harris

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