The Truth About Religion


Religion as defined by Wiktionary:

  1. (uncountable) The belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.

  2. (countable) A particular system of faith and worship.

    Religion by the second definition, mainstream religion, is a scam.
    Complete investment in a belief such as Christianity is slavery.
    Now, before you smash your monitor to pieces, let me explain:

Religious Zealots cannot possibly think for themselves


I’m not against any particular religion but I am against irrational dogma. Religous zealots are zealots because they have substituted their god-given ability to think critically in exchange for group-think.


I should know, I was once a Zealot of sorts for the Institute Of Divine Metaphysical Research. The organization’s founder blatantly stole from well known Occultists such as Helena Blavatsky and other elements of the Sacred Name Movement, that began in the 1880’s. For 20 years, from birth, I was led astray by this organization. It was only after some introspection and investigation into claims of IDMR being a cult that it caused me to seek the one thing I valued most:


Do You Seek TRUTH from the Universe or ANSWERS from Men?


Around May 2013, my life and perspective changed forever after I saw this youtube video:

Who is God? Why do religious leaders ascribe petty human elements to god? Why do people buy into religion that’s man-made?


I mentioned what Henry Kinley did and who he stole from to create IDMR but make no mistake; you can see this pattern in many other religions. ALL Religions come from the “inspired vision” of some man, whether its Jesus, Zoroaster, Buddha, or Mohammed.


If GOD made us ALL in his likeness and image then why do we need the guidance and counsel of “inspired” MEN?


“We all like to believe that our fellow creatures are honest and sincere, people above ulterior motive and the exploiting instinct, but unfortunately such is not the case…the ignorant are exploited by the shrewd; nor has religion escaped the general contamination of the age. Numerous are the lies that are circulated in the name of Truth…” Manly P. Hall, Words to the Wise


Religion is a rigid system of beliefs used to systemically control other people. Evidence of this is found through eons of history: Vikings using Christianity to create coherent  Christian Kingdoms and Emperor Constantine using Christianity and the Council of Nicea (deliberate removal of bible chapters) to consolidate  his empire.


The “inspired” men take advantage of the human tendency to take the path of least resistance. Perhaps this tendency was an evolutionary survival strategy but its the biggest stumbling-block that any religious or spiritual person has in his journey to enlightenment and truth. Ministers will take advantage of this human tendency by applying the religion beliefs to the material world in a way that the convert can understand:


Habukuk 2:2, KJV“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

The message sent by the 10’s of thousands of Christian denominations and cults is anything but plain. People that want the truth are lead astray by snake-oil salesmen that rope-in the men or women that want to know God and instead, capitalizing on this innocent desire buy feeding the masses lies and falsehoods.


I’m no expert on tax law by any means, but I do know that many churches are 501.3C, tax exempt, and by definition “State Sponsored Religion”. Truly free thought is ham-strung by these towering state-sponsored organizations. In order to control people, which is what the State wants to do, you need to change and/or control how they think and this is done by the creation of a religion or religious sects.


Anyone with a belief can have and create their own religion, a great example of this is Henry Kinley who created IDMR in 1931. Mr. Kinley was a Freemason that blatantly took things from the Sacred Name Movement, Christianity (perhaps Rosicrucian), Theosophy, Freemasonry; and perverted them into what is now IDMR.


This, in my view, is why only a select few initiates were allowed in Pythagoras’ Mystery School. Fools will seek to pervert the mysteries and make them their own in order to profit from the ignorance of their fellow man and make themselves Gods.


With all that being said of the “inspired” ones, lets take a look at the sycophants and useful idiots that reinforce the quagmire falsehoods:


The Power of Religious Groups


“Groups do not have a personal conscience. What they do have is a collective center of gravity where some ideal or higher purpose becomes the driving for a collective mission. But the dark side of common idealism always builds around sex, money, and power over others, with individual human beings becoming the fuel to drive the mass mind.” John D. Goldhammer, Under The Influence: The Destructive Effects of Group Dynamics


Anyone who has seen Star Trek in popular culture know of the Borg: an almighty collective of formerly living breathing sentient beings assimilated into the ultimate group. Independent thought is not tolerated, the mere possiblity is never eluded to. The collective does what is best for the collective, period.


Real life is far more strange than fiction because the Borg operate on cold logic, Humans do not. Even more terrifying is the evolutionary strategy of humans being tribal by nature, is exploited heavily by religious groups and cults.


Your Lizard Brain is hard-wired to seek tribal affiliations


The tribal instinct kept our ancestors alive and today it keeps people with disparate personal beliefs under one collective mind. The most hardcore Zealots of the faith are given positions of power over the other converts. Bishops, Deans,  Ayatollah, Priests, Deacons, and the list goes on. These ministers are the most hardcore and essential for keeping the collective tribe in line and finding new converts to rope in. These ministers are extensions and mouthpieces for the people that drive the collective: Popes, Cardinals, Sheikhs, Ayatollahs, and Founders. These extremely powerful men will claim to be the Vicar of God, when in reality they are but members of a very powerful brotherhood capable of bending the will of the masses because the masses would rather seek the counsel of men rather than find truth for themselves. Humans have a tendency to defer to authority: the authority is the one charting the course and the converts will always follow even to their ultimate doom. The group is the  convert’s identity and consequences are quite dire if the convert were to oppose the group. Eons ago, being expelled from the tribe meant almost certain death, and so people will hang on to collective beliefs and fight to the death for them. Never once questioning those beliefs for fear of upsetting the collective, being expelled and losing part of their identity; their thoughts are not their own. So with this I must ask:


Do you really want truth?


The truth is never what you want it to be,  in order to truly seek truth you must first question every belief you hold about the world and yourself.


You must be willing to see and face the demons that hold you back.


It is virtually impossible for a non-freethinking person  bathed in religious dogma and group dynamics to find their own truth.


Ask yourself, “if Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ” found this “divine” secret to the universe then why can’t I? What could possibly make these mortal men superior to me?”. If you cannot bring yourself to ask this question then ask “why?”. We all have been given the ability to perceive our world without the guise of religion, the ability to think freely, to question held assumptions, whether our own or that of other people. Religion for better or worse, extinguishes much of this curiosity and tells us what to believe, how to think, and how to act. Laws do a good enough job in telling us how to act but you do not need a Pastor to tell you what to believe, how to think, and how to act!


You have a sixth sense that science has failed to adequately explain and you have the ability to control, as Wim Hof has demonstrated, your immune and nervous systems to some extent. You can seek truth on your own, without the aid of a minister that went Seminary School. But this requires the sense-of-self and the wherewithal to ask the questions that most would fear to ask:


Who am I?


What am I?


Are there higher beings?


What am I existing for?


Why am I reading religious texts written (or edited in the bible’s case) by dogmatic men?


Our society conditions us into believing that “Curiosity killed the cat” but in truth, boredom and humdrum misery killed the cat because society killed its curiosity.


Find the root of all religion and begin your descent into the rabbit hole, most people do not and never will have the burning desire for truth to descend.


Losing my religion was the most painful and revealing thing that has ever happened to me. It was akin to a blind man given the ability to see after 20 years without it. My entire life changed; I became healthier, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Once you have let go of tightly held religious beliefs The self-assurance that dogmas give you will be replaced by first a deep terror that you have lost all sense of self. If you manage to overcome this trial without seeking another man’s religion to follow (and most will not), you will find a far truer enlightenment:


Realization of the Freedom to think whatever you want


“The Path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire – the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain” Helena Blavatsky


The freedom to think is our greatest power to create and destroy that God / Nature / Allah  has given us.


I am not an enlightened initiate or high-level Freemason by any means but I desire, love, and seek truth and for me that is greater than any happiness that can be found in any religion.


Seek truth friend, for it is your destiny.





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  • Dylan Madden Mar 27, 2017

    Good article Marcus. I’ve always been spiritually inclined and have experiences with things from the spiritual world. I was raised a Christian but fell away from it when I realized I only submitted out of fear. From there I experimented with Satanism, Luciferianism, Islam, Buddhism, and then created my own religion. At this current point I focus on a personal relationship with the Creator and am not a part of any religion.

    Glad to see a fellow brother on the path to enlightenment.

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