The Top 11 Best Self-Improvement Books Ever


A lot of people who read Danger And Play and Bold And Determined or in the general Manosphere, are really really big into Self-Improvement.

I’ve been on a self-improvement arc for the last 3 years and this has led to the following changes…

  1. Ended toxic family relationships
  2. Cut down anxiety and depression
  3. Got a promotion worth thousands of dollars
  4. Discovered life purpose
  5. Spiritual growth
  6. Physical health
  7. Direction in life
  8. Confidence with women
  9. And many more!

Self-Improvement Can Do All That and More

If you believe it.

You have to believe and with that belief must come the knowledge and experience of applying what you know from the books.

This isn’t a spectator sport.

You will get fucking nothing, if you don’t participate.

Everyone should be doing some sort of self improvement, it can only benefit you.

The books I’ve found that have helped me the most are listed in the order I read them. All links are affiliate links, no additional cost to you if you should invest in these masterpieces.

1. The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

After I read this book and the Dale Carnegie book, my boss remarked “You’ve changed”.  This book changed my perspective on how to approach my work and made me many times more efficient at my job. I could get more done in less time, and get better results.

The books teaches you how to prioritize your tasks so that you can sort out the noise and get the most important work done.

This book is very career oriented but it will work for entrepreneurs too because it teaches you how to make the best use of your time when you are at work. I recommend listening to this on Audible and re-reading with the book.

2. How To Win Friends and Influence People

Indisputably, the most important people skills book ever written.

I was a sheltered child and homeschooled, I had very little contact with the outside world. When I joined the military this was painfully obvious and I realized I had no way of socializing let alone picking up girls.

I needed something, and so after reading some of Mysteries “The Game” and reading 60 Years of Challenge’s work. I realized I needed people skills.

I ran across the audio version of How To Win Friends and Influence People and it changed my life forever. It taught me basic, rudimentary people skills that no one in my life had bothered to teach me.

This opened up many doors, I learned to become an excellent listener and really, truly care about other people’s needs and wants. Learning how to make people feel special and important is key.

Dale Carnegie interviewed many business leaders and politicians to write the book and the book reads like a bunch of short stories with underlying themes and principles. Its an easy and enjoyable read. Highly recommend listening on audible.

3. Think and Grow Rich

This book tells you how to get rich.

If I had to eliminate every book in possession save for one, I would keep my leather-bound copy of Think and Grow Rich.

Reading this book was an epiphany for me  and planted in me the desire to be self-made and self-paid. Napoleon Hill studied under the richest man in American History, Andrew Carnegie.

Think and Grow Rich is the greatest book “Get Rich” book ever made and mandatory reading for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Every principle in this book can not only be applied to material wealth but life in general. You will learn that true wealth is a belief, faith, and attitude that leads you to success.

If you read a book and never read again, read Think and Grow Rich!

Audio version highly recommended.

4. Under The Influence: The Destructive Effects of Group Dynamics.

An obscure but incredible book, its the key to understanding how your rulers control you. Humans naturally seek the protection and identity of groups, we are evolved to be social and tribal creatures.

People in power have known this for millenia and use this tick to control vast numbers of people .

Being self-aware is the first step of breaking free from a bad group.

I was in a religious cult,  some kind of Christian / Sacred Name splinter group for years. I was skeptical and then I ran across this book thanks to a youtube commenter. I finally understood how and why people get caught up in groupthink, which is why I don’t get into politics much.

People in power play groups off against each other to control them. The sooner you understand this, the better off you will be.

5. Gorilla Mindset

Out of all the Self-Improvement books listed here, this one is the most practical.


Because you can apply all of it right away. Mike Cernovich wrote this unique book on mindset to be actionable. Every chapter has a worksheet where you apply the mindset technique.

Gorilla Mindset isn’t just a book, its a set of beliefs and attitudes about life that will change the way you see your self. You do this by taking concrete actions, not just by reading a book.

Gorilla Mindset gave me a sense of empowerment, it taught me that I can control my crazy emotions and my self-talk. I can choose to be angry, I can choose to feel good.

When you understand that you can have a great day everyday no matter what, then you have a Gorilla Mindset.

6. Spartan Up!

The definitive book on mental toughness written by Death Race Co-founder Joe De Sana. Reading about Joe’s incredible tales of endurance and toughness inspired me and will inspire you too.

The book has a raw, unflitered truth to it that alot of books in this genre lack. When you read it its like you can smell the mud, blood, sweat, tears that goes into obstacle course races and extreme endurance events.

Its all about resetting your frame of reference. By doing so, we remind ourselves that modern life isn’t really that big of a deal. Audio version highly

7. Adversaries into Allies

This book by Bob Burg goes deep into pursuasion and interpersonal skills, encouraging you to be an “ultimate influencer”.

Many echoes of Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece in this book but it does a good job standing on its own. It tells you exactly how to win people to your way thinking without careless manipulation, or blunt force. Excellent book.

8. The Four-Hour Work Week

Changed the game forever, stretched my mind in a way I never thought possible. The book has a gimmicky premise to be sure, and maybe you won’t hire a virtual assistant but the ideas and the freedom of having your time to yourself is revolutionary. I was introduced to evernote and other useful tools thanks to this book. I have reason to think you’ll get something from this book as well.

9. Millionaire Fastlane

Inspiring, incredible, and revolutionary. Opened my eyes to what an e-commerce business can really do. I read it, started my own business, and made a small profit.

It gives you a blueprint of what an internet business should look like and the passive income it can generate if you are successful.

10. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

Awesome semi-Autobiography / Self-improvement book from the Dilbert creator Scott Adams. I loved reading / listening to this book very much. Very much in the way of practical life advice since the author is using his actual life experience to give said advice. The most important is using Systems instead of setting goals.

Systems achieve goals and you barely notice because you have “flow” you have a system that produces the results or “goals” you want. One of my favorite books of 2016.

11. New World Ronin

I talk about New World Ronin alot these days for one simple reason:

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read.

Its a pure full color masterpiece.

NWR is more than self-improvement. Its a blueprint to live in a way that most don’t; in a pure state of flow and purpose. It starts out like instructions to a game but its a book about real life.

The book is the instructions you are supposed to “play” real life with, its a code of living that will allow you to lead an extraordinary life…if thats your desire.




Those are all the books that have shaped and influenced me over the last few years. I truly and sincerely hope that this content will prove useful to you and provide you with the direction you seek. But there is a trap you must avoid.



You have to apply everything that you learn and everything that inspires you. Thats the actual self-improvement, the application.

You have to treat life like its your laboratory and experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Think widely, freely and without constraint, you won’t like or use everything you read, the point is to try things out.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your journey.


Marcus Harris

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  • Alex J Dec 13, 2016

    Hey marcus, good post and quality pics. I specifically love the Dale Carnegie Books a serious favorite of mine is How to stop worrying and start living.

    I have yet to read millionaire fastlane but that is one I have seen come up multiple times so I will have to check it out!

    Also am an owner of NWR and that is one inspirational piece of work forsure!

    • Marcus Harris Dec 14, 2016

      Thanks Alex, I’ve been meaning to check out How to stop worrying and start living for a long time now. I think once I get done with the books I have in queue I’ll check it out.

  • Roman Dec 28, 2016

    Big fan of Mike Cernovich’s work (bought 3 books from him and was a supporter of his documentary). Did Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline and it helped me get over the death of my mother. So yes, you and I are in good company.

    I still haven’t bought New World Ronin yet. Right now, been so busy recording our second album.

    Anyways, strongly agree with you that this self-improvement stuff works. I’ve read half the books you listed already. Good stuff!

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