11 Facts About The Color Red


Red is the color of the passionate and the bold.

Red symbolizes life force and the passion and desire for life.

It’s the color of fierce determination and unstoppable drive.

Here are 11 reasons why red is so powerful:

1. Red Commands Attention

Next to yellow, red commands the most attention has one of the longest wavelengths.

Unless you’re color-blind, Red always dominates your attention. This is why almost every fast-food franchise logo includes the color red: It gets attention.

If a woman wants attention she will wear red lipstick or a red dress.

When Red comes in your view its impossible not to notice.

2. Red is the Color of Blood

Red is literally the color of life.

Life is in the blood.

The red inside you courses through your veins. Its the vehicle that gets oxygen and nutrients to your tissue.

Red is symbolic of your will to live, it is the passion and energy you need to move through life.

3. Tri-Guna Black, White, and Red

The origination of words for color in ancient languages is always in the following order: Black, White, and Red. Power, Harmony and Energy.

The three form a triangle known as the Tri-Guna.

The triangle is present everywhere in nature, everything is in 3’s.

Consider them as 3 different states of reality.

Red symbolizes Growth and Transformation.


4. Red is the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is our connection to Earth, It’s the very first Chakra and its symbolized by Red.

All of our base animal instincts originate here, primarily our need for safety and security.

5. Red is the God of War

Its the color of the Planet Mars which is named after the Roman God of War.

Red is the color of violence and utter destruction.

Red builds and Red destroys and this can only mean that…

6. Red Metamorphosis

Babies born are enveloped in red. Blacksmiths will heat metal and strike while its Red-hot.

Forest fires destroy old forests so that new ones can grow.

The Metamorphosis is not only physical but also mental. When you are making strides in your own life, you are transforming daily.

7. Red is Survival

The most base of all instincts is survival and self-preservation.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Seeing Red” which refers to anger which is a type of survival mechanism.

Red is a passionate, daring color and won’t go down without a fight.

8.  The color of Mother Earth

Red symbolizes the One who gave birth to all.

It symbolizes the cycle of life on earth. Death and Rebirth. To grow and to die is the cycle of all things.

9. The Color of Fire

Fire is the sacred inheritance of mankind symbolizing the immortal soul.

Within fire is the ability to transform, create and destroy…all at the same time.

Since fire is the soul of all men we all possess the will of fire. A hunger for something beyond our base instincts.

Fire symbolizes the divinity that men seek.

10. Divine Shield

In Buddhism and Shinto, red symbolizes the ability to fight evil.

Red is used in Egyptian Mythology to symbolize the power of Isis, Patroness of Family, Nature and Magic.

11.  Red is Destiny

Destiny is the color Red.

It can only be red because red is the color of always moving forward.

Red destroys the old you and rebuilds you anew. But red can consume you.

The ability to control the Red in our lives is a life or death proposition. A fire can consume you if you sit still or send you to the moon if you aim high.

You do still need the Black and White natures of the Tri-Guna but RED is what’s going to make things happen for you.

Are you seeing RED?


Marcus Harris

Sources: Shakti Coloring Book and Color: The Language of Light

Special Thanks to Victor Pride for pointing me in the right direction.

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