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The best tales are the ones that touch us, the ones that come straight from the heart and soul of the author. The author bleeds for months, weeks, and even years to get the simplest of truths across to convey that sense of beauty to the reader. The Artist Formerly Known As Victor Pride, Nick Kelly has done just that. Everything about New World Ronin is the height of Bold And Determined perfection.

New World Ronin is the greatest self-improvement book ever written, pure genius on a level not seen in ages and will change your life instantly if you take the time to absorb the book. You will feel a fire inside after you finish the book.

The truth I’ve been on a long and emotional self-improvement journey and have read and  applied many books to better my life when it came time to let go of old patterns of thinking and I ran across B&D once in 2014 and again in 2015 and it was pure Destiny.

Destiny has a way of giving subtle hints but she isn’t easy by any means. My hint was finding Bold And Determined a year and a half ago which led to my decision to leave my soul sucking job in the Navy once my contract expires in Fall 2017. I always knew there was more to life but I could never quite articulate it because I joined the military when I was 18. I found B&D when I was at the lowest point in my life February 2015. Physically disqualified from Navy Special Warfare and doomed to continue a fucked existence in an office job waiting to die.

I knew I had to be an entrepreneur, there is no other choice and of course people think I am completely insane to leave a promising career in the military and “security” for the unstable life of a business owner.

Safety nets are just that, nets to keep you safe but wait….if there’s no risk…



This is one of the underlying themes that stuck with me and something I’ve been thinking myself for a while and the reason I’m leaving my career. I want to truly live and be alive and as a New World Ronin you do this by ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD!

The Devil is Always in the details


Literally, the New World Ronin’s catharsis is not Analysis Paralysis  but momentum from movement and there is no movement from sitting and thinking. My IQ exceeds 120, people often tell me I’m smartest guy they know.

BUT, I have a deadly tendency to over analyze ever detail and years in the military has only made it worst. Meanwhile, while I bathe in my thoughts I’m going from A to A in a mother-fucking circle people pass me up in business as as I mentally masturbate with non-existent ideas.

In NWR you will learn that the only way you can move forward in life is to MOVE and all through-out the 100 or so pages  you learn how to do just that.

I get no money from promoting this book, Nick Kelly didn’t tell me to write about this book. There are no affiliate links here. I only want to get the word out so that you can SEE the world in Full-Color.

If you want to live life on your own terms as a New World Ronin, then buy this fucking book.




The greatest book you’ll ever read

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  • R Nov 23, 2016

    Great resume of it:) Loving it too- But this is still amateur-pro level i feel. and the book is high pro level. just click on nine laws amazon link;)

    • Marcus Harris Nov 27, 2016

      Art is different for everyone. DTM is awesome but Bold And Determined is on a completely different level.

  • Ivan Throne Dec 12, 2016

    Many thanks for the comment.

    I will say that Nick Kelly/Victor Pride and his site are superb…

    …in fact, Victor has very well deserved credits in the Acknowledgements section of my book THE NINE LAWS.

    Get New World Ronin. Read it, study and apply.



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