Tune Out the Masses or Be Ordinary

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How many times have you heard the masses?

You listen to your buddies, family, co-workers, society, and they (the masses) talk you out of an idea…or at least try to.

How did that make you feel?

If you answered: ISOLATED, ALIENATED, AFRAID, GUILTY and UPSET, then welcome to the club. People hate it when they see you moving on without them.

Masses <= Crabs in a barrel

I’ve experienced this over and over and over. People hate it when you one up them. It hurts their frail egos and they don’t even understand or even see what they’re doing.

The masses love to give you unsolicited advice when you doing something that isn’t the norm. As if being normal is the holy-fucking-grail and something the entire collective needs to aspire to.

But wait…

Just how many successful people are “normal” people?

This calls for a list:

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Shaka Zulu, Genghis Khan, Mary Kay, Julius Caesar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Nick Kelly, Chris Duodes, Mike Cernovich…


NONE of these successful people are normal and so when your normal associates give you stupid fucking unsolicited advice,

Tell them to shut the fuck up while you are innovating!


They have no goddamn business giving you advice and should be cut out of your life. Why? Because they will unconsciously drag you down to their level.

None of the men and women I mentioned surrounded themselves with naysayers.

The brilliant and successful are surrounded by the brilliant and successful. They are repulsed by normal people.If you are a normal person, then you will need to step into the ABNORMAL in order to befriend these people.

How to Shut Out the Cunts, Critics, and Cynics

Defy the Norm

Do everything that people refuse to do. Work the hours they wont. read the books they won’t read. do not hang out with ordinary people.

Unless you want to be… *vomits* *spits*… ORDINARY!!

Build the Wall

Your brain needs a protective membrane from the brain disease known as “normal”.

You will read books, you listen to audio books, you will better yourself, you will lift weights and do cardio.

Few people do this stuff day in and day out. Do this so that your mind stays sharper than the average bear.

Good, timeless, books are necessary to break cycles of destructive, self defeating patterns.

Audio books, ensure that you never listen to the garbage that is American Radio stations. Wouldn’t you rather listen to Think and Grow Rich with Napoleon Hill’s words than listen to Drake’s Canadian gangster raps?

Read Blogs of people who are where you want to be. Nothing beats learning from real life people.

My favorite blogs/websites are Bold And Determined, Good Looking Loser, Danger And Play, Return Of Kings, Roosh V, and Manosphere

Podcasts are also a great way of insulating yourself from negative people.

Glorious Podcasts I listen to

The Joe Rogan Experience –Longest podcast around and has the same caliber of guests as the Tim Ferris Show. Everyone from Hannibal Burress to Jon Jones to Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Artists, professors, fighters, lifters, you name it. Joe leans a leans a little left for my tastes but I like listening to his point of view and hearing the deep conversations.

Bold And Determined Podcast – The artist formerly known as Victor Pride: Nick Kelly has a voice made for podcasts and commanding attention. The podcasts will shove a boot far up your ass and you will feel like you need to take action and be a real man/woman and an entrepreneur. The podcasts are usually less than 30 minutes and pack a massive punch. The podcasts these days are in Q&A format and center around the book of the year: New World Ronin.

Danger And Play Podcast – Mike Cernovich is an unstoppable force of nature in the media world. On his podcasts he’s a little more even keeled. In these 30 minute or so podcasts he speaks of mindset and applying mindset principles to real life. His book Gorilla Mindset is the only book of its kind. 

Unemployable With Brian Clark – Great podcast for anyone looking to start their own business. No pie-in-the-sky bullshit, gets right to heart of it and podcasts usually aren’t too long.

Kingmaker Podcast With Roosh V – The famous creator of the much loved and much maligned website Return Of Kings created a podcast. Roosh is a former scientist turned Pick-Up-Artist / online personality. He was probably “red-pill” before most of us. I just found out about this podcast and listened to him talk and his 10 favorite books and why. Excellent communicator and delivers tremendous value. Worth every minute of your time.

“Observe the Masses and do the opposite”

Look, if you aren’t going to read, listen, and follow successful people then you have no right to complain when you get dragged down by your “friends”. See, read, listen to, and do the EXTRAORDINARY or be merely ordinary.

You are what you consciously do, over and over again.



How often do the masses use their environment or surroundings as a crutch?

The masses know on a primal level that they need to do something but they don’t know what. Most will never figure it out, some will figure it out and are destined for greatness.

When I reached a degree of enlightenment I realized something very important.

Its was always the journey.

The Hero’s Journey is how we all learn life’s lessons, the journey to reach the enlightenment…is the enlightenment.

Every daily action adds up to the victory you seek. The masses don’t realize that success in anything isn’t an event. Success is a process that produces the results the masses would normally call “success”.

Whether you’re enlightenment is physical, spiritual, or monetary,  you can never do it for someone. They have to see it for themselves, they have to want it.

This is why general advice is so dangerous and useless: it adds no value to anyone’s life and only muddies the waters. Never give advice to the masses unless they seek it.

This is the crux of the matter

Can you overcome yourself?

Can you overcome life’s pitfalls?

Can you overcome  the world?

Can you overcome any and all monkey wrenches the Gods will throw at you?

Can you conquer Destiny and make her your bitch?

Then shut the fuck up and read New World Ronin!



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