Ode to the Visionary


You are born to see.

To see that which cannot be seen.

Life obscures obvious answers and makes them appear invisible. Your job is to see that what can’t be seen.

How can you see the invisible?

When you have a vision no one else can see then you are a visionary because only you can see your vision. Your vision belongs to you and so why bother convincing other people of your vision?

They will never see what you see when you see it. They see it in their own time when they are ready.

Your vision is your Mona Lisa, your magnum opus, the thing that defines your true character.

In ThunderCats Lion-O asks the Sword of Omens to give him “Sight Beyond Sight” so he can see what’s beyond.

Moses was given a vision by God and was told to write his vision and make it plain upon tables. So that the masses could read it fluently.

Buddha, John Smith Jesus, Zoroaster all had incredible visions. Each founded an entire religion and created a following from a vision.

You see your true vision is the only thing that matters. You only die spiritually when you fail to execute the vision and the mission that the Gods set out for you.

Your vision has only one cost: Your Soul

Your vision does not need a piece of you. It needs ALL OF YOU. It demands your absolute and total obsession. It demands you do the work. It demands…



Greatness is the stuff legends are made of.

Greatness is forged with iron-clad discipline and ruthless determination.

Greatness is the vehicle you must ride in order to become your true character.

Every great man and woman is a VISIONARY. The light in the eyes is how you can tell someone who was a vision from someone who doesn’t.

Their eyes sparkle with joy, beauty and wonderment because they can see that which cannot be seen. They paint pictures with their minds eye and understand the beauty of the invisible.

“But why do I need to see invisible stuff?”

Most of your mind works unconsciously, if you fail to understand that you have a vision in your mind’s eye then someone will give you THEIR vision to see.

You will die spiritually and physical death will soon follow.

How do you prevent this? By becoming truly GREAT!


ONLY look at the great, and ONLY emulate the great.

If you want to great at something then find other men who are great at that  something and do what they do.

Eventually you will master a skill and create your own art from your own VISION.


Everyone is born with a fire in the gut that propels them to their vision. When they listen to that fire it gives them everything they desire.

When its ignored, it consumes and fucking destroys them.

You read this because you have an all consuming fire for your vision.

FIRE is a manifestation of the spiritual inheritance of men. Fire keeps us warm, cooks our food, builds buildings, sustains life (the Sun), and brings death.

You were given fire as part of your spiritual destiny. The fire is what makes you a man distinct from animals. Don’t ever take it for granted.

When its gone, you die and the gods curse you for all time.

Fire fuels your vision which propels you to Destiny.

Destiny can bring plenty or pestilence depending on the results of harvesting your fire with the scythe that is your vision.

What will your harvest be?



Marcus Harris

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