How I Make Money Online With Bitcoin

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Friend, I make money online simply by Dollar Cost Averaging into cryptocurrencies. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made.

Yes, you can make money online from blog articles….

You can make money online from Youtube videos….

But why not have your money make you money?

Its so simple and yet so many overlook it.

Robert Kiyosaki said it best:

“The Poor work for money, The Rich can get money to work for them”

Here what you need to do:

1. Setup a Coinbase Account

This is simple enough, takes maybe 5-10 minutes to get up and running. Coinbase is the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

2. Get Verified to Use Credit / Debit Card Pronto!

You will only have a $150 per week limit to start but you can buy bitcoin INSTANTLY! If you do a wire transfer from your bank (also available) it would take a whole week to get your coins. Instant coins mean you can move the bitcoins somewhere else if you need to without the wait.

3. Buy Bitcoins and Ethereum

Coinbase has recurring buys that you can setup all you have to do is attempt a purchase and they will give you the option to make it a recurring buy.

I usually buy $25 of Bitcoin and $25 of Ethereum every week.

4. Never Sell, Do not day trade

Cryptocurrencies are super volatile, doing any sort of speculation is dangerous. Speculation is usually part of a bigger overall investment strategy.

“Why would I buy bitcoin or ethereum in the first place?”

Thats easy: The world is adapting bitcoin at an extremely fast rate. Pretty soon, most of your purchases online will be done with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is great to use as money and ethereum is a sort of system you can use to enforce with execution of contracts. I won’t get into details but thats the basics.

How I Make Money Online with Bitcoin: Dollar-Cost Averaging.

Benjamin Graham mentions Dollar-Cost Averaging as a way to build long term assets. Investing is about the long term.

Few understand this.

All I do is buy and hold crypto, this does two things:

  1. I save money
  2. I make money

The reason why you don’t sell your coins is because Coinbase charges a fee (just like stock brokers do) every time you sell. This eats into your principle even if you are making money from arbitrage.

The more companies and people that enter the crypto market, the better. The price is likely to go up and stabilize after a few years.

Do your own research, I’m not in any way guaranteeing that you will make money at all. I’ve done it and I told you how I did it.


I’ve made money online with other ventures and this was the easiest by far. Soon bitcoin will be the future of money.

Its a shame that investing isn’t taught in middle school. You can fill in the gaps by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Intelligent Investor.

Have a nice day.


Marcus Harris

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