Why You Need a Kobe Killer Instinct and How to Get it


If you watched Kobe in his heyday you saw one thing…


Pure maniacally obsessed genius.

Kobe was the best basketball player on earth for a number of years. He won 5 Championships, 4 All-Star MVP’s, 2 NBA Finals MVP’s and numerous accolades scoring titles, a dunk contest, 3rd All-Time Points Scored in NBA history.

Kobe had talent and genetics on his side as many guys do in the NBA but the average NBA career is 2 years and Kobe lasted for 20.

But how did he do it?

To state in a phrase: it was killer instinct.

Killer Instinct is unmistakable. This is Kobe’s last game.

He scored 38 points in the second half and ended his last game with 60 points, hundreds of millions of people watching.

That’s Killer Instinct, it’s being able to perform under the most intense circumstances and stress.

When life hits you in the face, you want to hit back 10x harder.

Kobe worked out for 6 hours a day 6 days a week for 6 months out of the year. During the off season! He was always ON thats why when most guys are done in the NBA after 2 years he lasted for 20 years.

Without the Black Mamba the Lakers would be irrelevant. He’s made that franchise and the NBA billions of dollars in merchandise, tickets, and overall revenue.

What You and I Can Learn from Mr. Killer Instinct Himself

Undying Obsession

Kobe to his credit and detriment had a desire to win that was on par with Michael Jordan. No one wanted to win more, ever.

He would challenge other players to 100 point games after practice, learned Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata by ear, and used to practice for hours without a ball.

Yeah people thought he was fucking crazy, but 5 Championships and hundreds of millions of dollars later…who’s laughing now?

The Systematic Ability to Do the Work

Scott Adams in his book “How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” says you should put systems in place instead of setting worthless goals. Kobe lasted 20 years in the NBA because he had a system he stuck to during those 20 years.

6 hours a day of ruthless work on his body and skill-set. Kobe’s system guaranteed him mastery of his craft provided he put in the work.

Every time you come up short in an endeavor, ask.

“Do I have a system?”

“Did I put in the required work?”

Idiots well tell you that you need to “work hard”.

That’s bullshit, do the required work as per your system. Do the required work to keep the system going, and you aren’t really working extra-ordinarily hard at all. You’re just working.

Make The Iron Hot by Striking

Champion’s can come back from any loss or setback and win big the next go around. Champs get up from a knockout and win the match like it never happened. Champs don’t talk themselves out of winning, quite the opposite…



Kobe had a chance to win every game he played in because in his mind he already won. All that was left was the ruthless execution to insure that it became a reality.

Nothing would ever get in the way. He surrounded himself with people and teammates who wanted to win. Cutting out the ones that didn’t.

Year after year, he would strike the iron to forge his blade. He made it hot by striking.

After a disappointment he struck the iron

A sex scandal rocked him and he responded with back to back 60 point games.

He played through bad knees, shoulders, broken bones, arthritis, and kept striking

He struck his way to 5 Championships in 20 years. The pinnacle of an athletes career and he had been there 5 times. Unreal.



I’ve been battling a pretty debilitating illness, I know how easy it is to slip into a spiral.  But Kobe never stayed in a rut, at least not for long.

Few of us will ever be pro athletes but the systems these guys use is why they are so successful. They do the same things day in and day out.

Plenty of guys have talent and genetics on their side but what do they do with it?

Everyone is born with some kind of talent or trait but no one is ever born with mastery.

Mastery can only come after years of striking the iron over and over.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

William Butler Yeats


Marcus Harris

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