Gorilla Mindset Review


Gorilla Mindset is the most actionable book on the planet

That is no exaggeration, author, Mike Cernovich, Esq. cuts right to the chase:

You need a strong mindset to live a life of purpose and meaning.

Gorilla Mindset opens with a few of Mike’s personal experiences from his childhood:

One day a bully beat me up badly. It was humiliating…I went to the garage, laid down, and cried myself to sleep. When my dad came home from work, he opened the garage door, looked down at me with part pity and part contempt, and asked me one question that changed my life.

“When are you going to get serious?”

This sets the tone for everything that is to follow. Mike shows us how to get serious, one Mindset Shift at a time.

A key theme is developing the “Abundance Mindset”. In order for opportunity to present itself you must believe there is opportunity everywhere and that the world is a land of plenty. Otherwise the “Scarcity Mindset” will seal off your opportunities in life.

Make no mistake: this isn’t an academic book; nor a feel-good self improvement circle-jerk. This is an ACTION BOOK. You know those coloring books you had as a kid?


Gorilla Mindset at work!

That’s the way you need to approach this book. Through out Gorilla Mindset you are given “Mindset Shifts” actionable items that you can practice here and now to “color-in” your mindset. Some of them are as simple as observing the way you walk to something as tough as changing your emotions or blocking out negativity.

Mike does a great job backing up what he says with a mix of science, personal experience, quotes, and literature. Even then, you will find that if you follow the book and do the Mindset Shifts, your results will speak volumes of how effective the Shifts are.

My favorite is using “State Control” to reign in emotions and replace them with new ones. You can DECIDE how you feel and that Mindset Shift was revolutionary for me! I used to let people “ruin” my day not realizing that it was just them bringing me down to their level. I’ve been able to control my anger and negativity much better and this has made me a happier guy. As a bonus its a lot easier to deal with conflict and difficult people at work.


After a few days of leave.

I have Gorilla Mindset in kindle and audible and I’m hoping Mike will consider a hardcover.

Go buy Gorilla Mindset here.

Take action, take action NOW.



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