Code Of Kanye: 10 Ways to Be a Kanye



But you already knew that.

Kanye has achieved more in singular months than most entertainers will in a lifetime. Pure obsession creativity and a take-no-shit attitude is what got him mega-millions and more grammys than entire record label rosters.

It all seems out of reach to an average no-name rapper peddling mixtapes.

Here’s the difference between Kanye and you.


College Dropout is the title of West’s debut album; he knew exactly what he wanted from the start, to be a rap god. So against Momma’s wishes he pursued passion over pretentious proposed plans.

There is no art without passion because art is the distillation of passion!

What’s your passion? No Passion, no art, no millions, no grammies



How many rejections would it take for you to quit? Kanye was in numerous meetings with various labels and was rejected many times. Roc-A-Fella signed him because they didn’t want to lose him; he was a really good producer.

Kanye had very little money and recorded his debut album in his bedroom and delayed its release a whopping 8 months revising over and over and over again.

The result?

The College Dropout went triple platinum and made 10’s of millions of greenbacks.

Beats a 2 dollar piece of paper. (college degree)


He recorded his first song when he was 13 and started writing he was 9.

His debut album  was released 2004; thats 18 years of pure madman obsession. Think back on all the successes and failures you had in life and ask

“Was I just ‘interested’ or was I OBSESSED like a madman?”


Kanye was mentored by a Producer/DJ early on when he was a teen, he made a name for himself in the late 90’s as a music producer at the age of 19.

When he was brought on to Roc-A-Fella he made Janet Jackson, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys, millions of dollars by crafting hit songs and even saved Jay-Z’s career by contributing to The Blueprint album, considered one of the greatest hiphop albums EVER.

Why bring all this up? Well, Kanye made millions after he saw other artists make millions, associating with the Roc-A-Fella killahs no doubt influenced his work.

Something magical happens when artists associate with other artistic people, they feed off each other, help lift their compadres to greatness.

Environment is everything! A beautiful plant can’t grow in a garbage heap. The same goes for your own creativity, You will choose to associate with winners and winners only or you will be a loser losing only.


Everything  Kanye does in public is for his brand…but why?

Because the brand is the only thing the public really sees. They don’t see the sweat equity, they don’t see the 20 hour days, they don’t see the deals that went bad.

They only see and care about the BRAND. Kanye can say whatever crazy shit he wants and people will cheer, why? Because they are in love with his BRAND. They come to his brand with the expectation that they will get amazing music but the music is only part of the brand.

The brand is the artist and the artist is the brand,  you can never ever separate the two. Kanye’s swagger, persona, choice of clothes, everything ties into the brand.

People want to wear the clothes he wears, speak the way he speaks, rap his songs, buy his albums and merchandise.

But what you need to go along with the brand is…


You listen to hiphop and you hear non-stopped story-telling.

Stories of life, love, lose, and gettin’ money.

I remember hearing Jesus Walks for the first time and remembering how clearly Kanye told the story behind the song, in the song.

Pure Genius.

West’s ability to craft memorable storylines is at the very heart of why he’s so successful.

Think about it, you always remember a good and well crafted story, the author makes you feel like you are there, in the story. You feel emotionally invested in someway to the story and the author paints pictures in your mind with written words.

Thats what makes a Kanye West song so memorable and what happens when you’re  memorable as a rapper? Kid’s memorize and recite every lyric every verse of your songs over and over again and then other kids hear it.

Good storylines turn people who like your stories into free ads.


It’s Kanye or the highway

Kanye doesn’t take no for answer and has the balls to say exactly whats on his mind at all times. He knows what he wants and demands to have what he wants on his time and his terms.

Back when he was at the Grammy’s trashing Taylor Swift in favor of Beyonce (blech), you may have thought he was hurting his brand.

Because Kanye says whatever the hell he wants at all times, he ended boosting Taylor Swift’s brand and his own.

His brand is his and his alone and he does not allow anything to happen to anything involving Kanye, Inc. if he does not want it to happen. EVER. PERIOD.


Love Lockdown  was an incredibly risky song to release, it was a complete 180 from what the fans had come to expect but…

Life hit Kanye hard, his Mother died and his fiancee left him high and dry.

This created the tension that is needed to produce a full color work of art.

He knew the risk: alienating his hardcore fans in favor of a larger audience.

It all paid off: Love Lockdown went on to sell 3 million copies and changed the face of the Hip-Hop genre for years to come.


Strong men don’t apologize for shit.

Kanye doesn’t apologize for acting like a dick, he can act like a dick because he has “fuck you” money and exploits this.

People hate on Kanye because he has everything they want and can never have.

They’ll never work 20 hours  a day, record a studio album in their bedroom, delay said album for 8 months and go triple platinum on the debut.

Excuse me is you saying something? Uh uh can’t tell me nothing!


Kanye had a dream of going big from the very beginning, he dreamt, obsessed, and worked his way to making that dream tangible and real.

Kanye envisioned his success from the start and The College Dropout is evident of this.

It takes a visionary to release a rap song about Jesus

It takes a visionary to use the Kardashians to boost your profile.

It takes a visionary to see what no one else is willing to see and act on it.



Kanye achieved what he has achieved with a combination obsession, passion, drive, vision, and pure genius.

You create a valuable brand, you make millions.

You create shit brand, you make nothing.

Kanye is a musical genius and business Shogun of the highest order and so you likely will not have a triple platinum album. However, you are a genius at something.

Find what that something is, hone it, obsess over it, and drive that motherfucker to victory!


Marcus Harris

P.S. Read New World Ronin and become your own Kanye.

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  • Abdoul Dec 3, 2016

    Succinct and informative article at the perfect time.

    Listened to B&D podcast yesterday. Now reading the much needed piece on Kanye.

    Good Shit Marcus. Looking forward to more awesome content

  • Roman Dec 28, 2016

    Weird. I knew absolutely nothing about Kanye West, don’t know his music at all, but had a gut feeling that I really should respect this guy.

    Now I know why. You explained it quite well. He’s simply the real deal as an artist. B|

    • Marcus Harris Dec 30, 2016

      When I was a kid I only listened to black music since thats what played in the car. I’m much more of a Heavy Metal guy now and play guitar but I’ll never forget how Jesus Walks influenced me. Influence can come from anywhere.

  • Derek Dec 31, 2016

    Good stuff!

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