How Your Burning Desire Can Cut Both Ways

burning desire for sex

Desire is the fire that burns at the heart of your every action, it’s the reason why you do anything at all. It gives you pleasure, pain, and passion. Emotions that can lead you to ecstasy and destruction.

“Desire is creativity. You will for something to be manifested in the world through desire and then act on it, that is how things get done, and that’s what gives you a reason for living. The problems arise when the desires aren’t kept in check by a healthy ego. Like many things, the ego is the root of determining whether what you manifest is going to be useful or destructive. So as long as a person has developed enough to control his ego, his desires will be aligned to productive outcomes.” ~ Goldmund Unleashed

Here are some examples of Desire:


Alexander desired  GLORY.

His desire for glory drove him to conquer nations and build a massive empire. Alexander’s desire for glory drove him to victory. He never once lost in battle and could very well be history’s greatest general.

But just as his desire for glory was great, so was his passion for anger and alcohol. Alexander’s desire was his greatest weapon and his desire may have been the thing that killed him. He died at the age of 32.

Alexander was unafraid to act on his strongest desires, this made him an impulsive, angry alcoholic and invincible in battle. He swung between extremes; his achievements would have been impossible if not for his burning desire.


The Richest Man in American History.

Andrew Carnegie grew up desperately poor in Scotland and came to the US as a teen.  Carnegie worked in and around Pittsburgh holding many different jobs and all the while he saved money. He wanted more out of life.

He saved money to build his own company which he sold to J.P. Morgan to create US STEEL and the rest is history.

Despite his incredible wealth, Carnegie had no desire for all the trappings of the rich his greatest burning desire was to help the poor:

“I propose to take an income no greater than $50,000 per annum! Beyond this I need ever earn, make no effort to increase my fortune, but spend the surplus each year for benevolent purposes!”

Carnegie had a cause and a purpose that he desired and he lived each day to that end.


Mata Hari’s lust for men was all consuming.

She was a famous exotic dancer who struggled with poverty and an abusive relationship in the past. Her hearts desire was receive the love of men. She had steamy relationships with many high-ranking politicians and military men.

As a master of seduction she could embody any man’s desire, for a night.

Mata Hari, from what it seems, was double-crossed by the French and they used her lusty ways against her. Sentenced to death by firing squad and she blew them a kiss before they fired the volleys. Such was her double-edged passion.

Everything we do originates from burning desire: for love, power, money, sex etc.

How we choose to act on desire determines the course of our lives. I desired many things in the past but it all came back to one singular thing: the desire to be enough. For so long, I improved anyway I could, lifting the heaviest weights I could for something…but I never knew what. Recently, I realized what it was: my desire for approval.

I’ve always been told by people in my life that I wasn’t good enough and so I desired their approval. Most of my own issues stem from that desire.

My Desire Consumes Me

The other day when I walking around in the mall I saw the most beautiful girl I’d seen in a while. Our eyes met and I could barely whisper a hello as I walked by. I’ve always had some pretty intense approach and social anxiety, perhaps stemming from trauma as a child, it’s gotten better over time. I squeaked out a hello, I wanted to say more but I couldn’t. There was some kind of demon inside me saying “You aren’t worthy”. That desire for approval cost me dearly and left me with insecurity.

What I felt as I walked by was a wild, intense, raw, power, my desire for the girl flaming. But in the moment it eluded and turned on me, my fear cost me an opportunity. No man, ever likes to admit he has approach anxiety but I have nothing to hide.

Desire, like a good mistress, has also given me gifts I can’t begin to measure. My inferiority complex led to who I am today, creative, physically strong and intelligent. It was the impetus behind all my actions and my creativity. Without burning desire there’s no creativity. As a kid, I was always asking “Why?” I wanted to get to the roots of things, all things. An unquenchable, impulsive desire to learn all things. Hours in the gym, hours reading books, extra hours at work all would have been impossible if not for my mistress Desire.

As Goldmund said before, desire unchecked by ego is destructive. On some level when I failed to approach the perfect 10 at the mall I was protecting my own fragile ego. A healthy ego is the only way you can have a  strong frame.

Thinking back so many issues I’ve had in life were a matter of ego and desire. Heed these words:

“MAN, KNOW THYSELF” ~Ancient Proverb


According to ancient myth, men were once united with their creator and had no desire. Without desire you cannot grow and so the Gods gave men desire.

Tempering desire to reach the vision you have for your life is the key. Desire is very first thing mentioned in “Think and Grow Rich” for good reason: its the heart of action. You won’t do anything without the burning desire to do it.

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” ~ Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich

Desire is neither good or bad.

She’s your mistress, she will bring pleasure or pain.

Discipline your mistress: embrace the fire of desire.

Marcus Harris

P.S. Special thanks to Goldmund Unleashed for contributing.

You’re a true gentleman.




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  • Dylan Madden May 18, 2017

    Very insightful article. For the people who understand this article a lot will change. Just cultivate the desire and you can have anything.

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