6 Good Reasons to Watch Anime

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I love anime, I’ve watched anime since 1998 and when I’m not obsessing about business, books, powerlifting or guitar, I’m watching anime. I’ve seen around 100 different series.

I love anime because its the most immersive art form I’ve encountered. Its like you step into a different world and see things from a different perspective. I’m, by any measure, an anime fanatic,

6 Reasons you should be watching anime!


Nutty driver(anime)

looks dangerous!

1. There are many many many kinds of anime

The sheer variety is the main draw of anime, there are too many to categorize. Like comedy? Watch Azumanga Daioh or Inferno Cop. Like romance? Watch White Album. Like epic story telling? Watch Code Geass or Zankyou No Terror.

The only limit is your own preconceptions. There are many anime (like Azumanga Daioh) that I didn’t watch for a long time because it looked too girly or too silly and really really surprised me! Many I hadn’t heard of until I perused Myanimelist.net for something to watch


FMA: Brotherhood

2. You love a great story

This is my number one reason for watching anime but everyone seems to love a good story.

The truth is I often read the description of the anime’s plot before I jump in to see if its worthwhile. Obviously, plot isn’t the focus of many anime but if plot is what you want there is no shortage of fascinating works to choose from. Mr. Miyazaki’s works (Spirited Away, Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind) are prime examples.



3. Deep religious, philosophical, and psychological themes

Early paintings from the likes of Da Vinci and Picasso  would invoke strong emotions and powerful themes about human life and existence. Animation allows artists to create paintings that move.

Serial Experiments Lain is one such anime. It was Inception 10+ years before that movie came out. There’s no way to describe it without spoilers but it goes deep into raw human psyche and emotions. Not the kind of stuff you expect from a cartoon right?

Neon Genesis Evangelion has similar mental health themes, topped off with something odd: the hero does not want to be a hero, the hero is actually human and a cowardly one at that.

There are deep ethical and religious themes in series like Mushishi and Monster that will provoke thought about who we are and why we are here, existing on this Earth.


Robotech anime

kickin it old school

4. Good anime beats most mainstream hollywood movies

Purely my opinion of course; anime is head and shoulders above much of the garbage you see in hollywood today. Think about it, there is a virtually endless assortment of anime movies and series that you can watch for free or pay for DVD’s and / or crunchyroll.

Good Miyazaki flicks could save you from taking your kids to go see some shitty “Frozen” movie filled with social propaganda. Ever waste time and money to go see some rehashed B flick? For the most part, as long as you read reviews and the synopsis of an anime, you can almost avoid this entirely and save precious minutes and dollars.

bobo anime

fear the nose hairs

5. Feed guilty pleasures

Do you like well drawn boobs? Nose hairs? Poorly animated shows that make no sense?

Well, I got news for you: you will have ALL of this and more when you go deep enough into the japanese rabbit hole! There is no shortage of the most bizarre fucking shows you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bobobobo in the picture is a japanese dude with a blond afro that beats the baddies with, i shit you not, his bodacious nose hairs. If that isn’t enough, really bad anime, like infernocop, are there to serve as endless punchlines because the jokes are so corny and the animation so awful and ridiculous you will laugh your ass off.

6. Creativity and Inspiration

The best musicians, artists and animators in the east often contribute to anime, many songs that have touched my soul were theme songs in anime:


You get to watch the characters grow as they overcome adversity or die in vain. Many of the characters, unwittingly, follow the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell speaks of in his books. There is no shortage of inspiration in these fictional character’s stories to use in your own real-life story.

Anime stimulates your creativity, and activates that kiddy imagination that’s dormant in you.


berserk anime

Berserk in a good way

If you love art, music and beautiful things, give anime a shot.

You won’t be disappointed.



P.S. Try Princess Mononoke!

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