Top 10 Soundtracks For Mood and Meditation

Music Inspires Creativity


Music lifts my mood, improves my meditation, fires up my imagination, and changes the course of my thoughts. Binaural Beats, Isochonic tones, ASMR, Solfeggio, and white noise are all really helpful too.

The fastest way to change your mood is to turn on some music or binaural beats and move around. The beautiful thing about the internet is that its free and youtube is free for the most part.

Here are 10 my favorite things to listen to while I create art or just to change my mood and meditate:


The vocals are cosmic and has a creepy dark feel, I listen to this when I read occult books and when I’m in a musical or spiritual mood.


I’ve been able to achieve deep states of meditation using this track, its also good to relax into a trance. One of the best deep meditation tracks on Youtube.


Has a hectic / epic feel to it. Its some kind of Neo-classical Metal hybrid and I like it!


I listened to this while reading New World Ronin, great track for reading books.


I’ve used this Binaural track to fall asleep for a couple years best when used with earbuds while sleeping.


Can be used to balance the energy centers in your body and if you don’t believe in all the woo woo stuff thats fine. Good track to relax and meditate too.


Super effective track for relaxation, definitely had a noticeable effect on my overall mood and feel. For me: the best relaxation track on Youtube.


I want to jump in the ring when I hear this. Good for anything needing energy.


I was never ever a Coheed and Cambria 10 years ago but then I heard this version of Welcome Home they did for Guitar Center. Flat out masterpiece. Guitar Heroes. Inspiring to listen to.



All time favorite instrumental. Awe-inspiring and beautiful. Stretches your imagination in a lot of ways and keeps you on your toes. Angel Vivaldi is Top 5 living guitar player for sure.



I’m a musical person and this list could be a top 100 easily. You now have the best Youtube has to offer.

Now go create.


Marcus Harris

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  • Alex J Dec 13, 2016

    Sweet tracks! Thanks for the free list.

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