Why New Year’s Resolutions Are a Waste of Time

New Year's Resolutions

How many years have you made New Year’s Resolutions and how many of them have worked out?

Thats what I thought.

New Year’s Resolutions are a complete waste of time because they are made in the past. You are a living thing, living things have momentum.

You have momentum and you are always moving forward. Every time you make a resolution, you are looking backward not forward.

What happens when you drive on the road and stare at something too long?





Goals are equally useless, here’s why:

You SET goals. Goals do not move when you move or change when you change.


“I can change my goals!” Thats cute. You have taken your nice little goal flag, planted it into the soil and walked it away expecting it to walk with you.

Thats complete insanity! Worst still would be clutching a goal and expecting it to do things for you.

Goals, like New Year’s Resolutions are always a backward look, to truly move forward you…



New Year's Resolutions

Fantastic book. Great read and funny too.


This is my favorite book of 2016, the advice about using systems to accomplish goals is huge. Here what I got from the book:

Systems are a series of habits you do day in and day out. You already have a system that produces results, and so you should ask..

“Is my SYSTEM working?”

“Is it giving me what I want out of life?”


If your system isn’t working you will never ever live the life you want until that system is changed.

The computer or phone you are using to read this has an Operating System. Its the lens your computer sees cyberspace with and you have an Operating System too.

How To Upgrade Your Life


Read and apply what you read.

Its that simple.

Famous and crazy intelligent people have already figured this stuff out. Adopt the habits of geniuses and you will look like a genius.

Check out this book I looked over:

New Year's Resolutions

The Encyclopedia of Success

This book is an encyclopedia of the habits and behaviors of the Top 0.1% of people. I read some chapters about diet since thats a part of my life that needs work. Now I have a solid idea of what tools to try out.

You often have to spend time to really extract substance from self-help / self-improvement books. Tim Ferriss and has done a lot of the heavy lifting, all you have to do is read and try things out for yourself.


You can treat your life like a lab experiment adventure and try things out to see if they add value to your life.

What’s your vision of life years from now?

Take off the limiters, governors, brakes, and just go full speed. What do you want? Who do you want to be?

Ask these questions and then go find the tools that will suite your vision.



When you have a system of powerful habits (tools), you will accomplish goals you would have set and not notice.

You will barely notice because you are not looking backwards at a goal to accomplish. The system creates crushing momentum that shatters expectations.

You already have a system.

Now, upgrade your software before you get a virus!


Marcus Harris
New Year's Resolutions

P.S.  Become a visionary by reading New World Ronin.

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