My System For 2017

Hey guys here’s my system for 2017

I’m following Scott Adams advice and building around a system vs goals. I will use this platform for accountability.

Here’s what I got:

4am – Wake up

4:15am – Work on brain, Superlearning,  books, podcasts

5am – Hit the gym

6:30 – 7am – arrive at work after shower and shave, bring laptop since I don’t technically start work until 7:30am

5:00pm – Laundry (if needed), do household stuff

5:30pm – Full Color Work: write articles, record stuff, play guitar

9pm or 11pm – Bed


Thats the basic system. I’ve worked out in the morning for years and its kept me in OK shape.

The only real “goal” of this system is to generate momentum.

The vision is living a totally free life being in good shape and have the time to focus on things that don’t involve money.

You fail goals when you don’t have a vision, I know first hand.

The vision is the big picture

Its all your goals wrapped up into an image.

Anyway, thats what I’m after. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks bud,


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