Why Anxiety is the God of the Desperate and Lonely


Anxiety is the fear of the unknown but more specifically..

It’s the fear of losing control.

Control is what we want, we god damn desire it with all our being.

We want to call all of the shots all of the time.

But real life says “No way Jose!”

Every anxiety we have day to day can be pointed to a real or perceived lack of control.

The condom broke, an accident happened, moms in the hospital, the line is too long, traffic is crazy, work is hell, and your body is in pain but you don’t know why.

Each situation points to a lack of control, life happens. Life hits you in the mouth and being anxious means for whatever reason you can’t take a punch.

So take a punch, and hit em’ back. Sitting and stewing in your thoughts is the root of all anxiety. All the demons come out to play as your thoughts parley. Simply save the trifle thoughts for another day.

You cannot ever think you’re way out of anxiety, you can only MOVE.

It is the movement that sets you free from anxiety and the movement is physical and mental. We will MOVE our bodies and then our minds won’t stagnate in anxious thoughts. Then we will move our minds by resetting our frame.

Today I was anxious about something and then I thought…

“Wait a minute, I’m not the only guy thats felt this. These other guys survived and so can I”

The anxiety promptly vanished, only to return if I allowed it.

How did I do it? I simply moved my body and then my mind. I put my body and mind in motion. I got in my car, drove and started speaking my way to the answer Like Good ‘Ol St. Nick said.

I spent my childhood standing still, I was homeschooled, I had no friends, no girlfriends, saw the same fuck-ups at church 3 times a week for many years, living as the kid my parents didn’t want.


I stewed in my thoughts and I was suicidal. Why?

Because I wasn’t moving, I was stagnant. Every good thing that has ever happened to me came when I was in motion.

Here’s a thought: the homeless are homeless because they are frozen in place. It has been so long since the last time they were in motion their lack of motion is an ingrained habit. They are frozen in both space and time, for all time.

But that’s a choice isn’t it? It’s always a choice, you can choose to move or to not move. It’s the one thing that you can control: your movement.

In America you are free to move however you please. you probably have a car and can drive to wherever you want to go.

Movement by its self clears anxiety but why don’t more people do it? Well its because…

Anxiety is the God of the Desperate, Sick and Lonely

Its easy to stay inside your head, even when it hurts. We are under the assumption that we can think our way out of everything.

This ignores the fact that we are animals, animals have instinct. Animals do not stop their momentum to “think”. They know the only way to move is to…MOVE.

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out why modern people are sick and desperate. Its a lack of movement in mind, body and spirit. Movement fixes your perceived lack of control and allows you to relinquish control to the cosmos.

“Wait, aren’t we in control when we move?”

Yes, you are in control when you move but you are diverting attention away from the sick masochistic games you play in your head. You are letting go of the thing that consumes you and focusing on something else. And then as if by magic, your problem is solved.

The cosmos go to work when you move and get out of your own head.

The gods don’t care for your prayers, only for actions. The gods laugh at your anxiety, they say:

“Why does this fool choose to do nothing, though it troubles him? Blessed is he that is in motion!”

Thus have the gods spoken, they care not for the suffering man who chooses to do nothing.

Logic has a time and place, we need logic to build computers, ships, and buildings. The problem is we are not logical creatures and life is anything but logical.

Truthfully name one thing you have ever bought because of logic. I’m waiting.

Oh, what’s that? You can’t?

You are the same as every human, you are not a rational creature. You do things out of emotion and justify with reason.

You were born with animal instincts that society wants to desperately surpress at every turn. Your application of rational logic to your irrational life is why you’re anxious and depressed.

You have all the answers

Instead of asking “How?” JUST DO IT!

You already know what to do, you’ve always known it. You’re gut tells you over and over again. Anxious people are anxious because they know what to do and but they just think about it.

They are stuck in the past and perceive they lack control over life. They don’t live on instinct and wonder why life hits so hard.

Its because life is like an emotional woman. It gets worse the more you try to “think about it” and use logic.

Here’s a secret:

The Gods hate those who stand still

Money is repulsed by the stagnant

Women scorn the stagnant man

Life only favors the movers

Stagnant water is gross and disgusting but moving water is safer to drink. Do you feel good sitting at a desk 8 hours a day or moving 8 hours a day?

Why are women fascinated by well traveled men? Because they are in a state of flow, those guys are moving.

Why do people love stories? Because stories “move” us into the storyteller’s world and they weave the storyline.

“How do I move?”

You already know the answer.

Move your body daily with exercise, driving, walking, shooting, sex, anything.

Move your mind by reading, writing, and speaking your way to the answer.

Move your spirit, by meditating, following instinct, and breathing.

You have all the answers.




There is no better way to erase anxiety than speaking your way to the answer. Speaking, writing, reading are all forms of moving the mind. You have to move the mind to avoid becoming stagnant but you must move the body and spirit as well.

When we are stagnant, we are anxious; when we are anxious we feel a “loss of control”.

But if you just listened to your gut in the first place, you would never have anxiety.

So listen to it, Destiny hates the stagnant.

She’s waiting for you to move.

So move.

Don’t make her wait.



Marcus Harris

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